Monday, August 15, 2011

Two More Days!

The 69th Annual World Science Fiction Convention, called Renovation this year, in (where else?) Reno, NV starts Wednesday, although I have to be there tomorrow to set up. I'm going to *try* to take and post pictures, although I often get distracted and forget.

Speaking of pictures, I'm much happier with my new Sony Cybershot camera than I was with the Kodak EasyShare #2 (that's not it's official name, but it was the second EasyShare I bought). I loved my EasyShare #1 - it worked fine for macro shots as well as for regular pictures. Sadly the lens mechanism failed and I went shopping for a new camera.

Since I had all the Easy Share accessories and software, I went ahead and got a new model Easy Share. It's been an ok camera but I was never able to get the EasyShare #2 to take decent pictures when I wanted a group shot or asked someone to get a picture of me at my table - they were very grainy on auto-setting and often blurred, even with the digital image stabilization feature. Don't seem to have these issues with the Cybershot - which to me says it's not user error but the camera.

Speaking of pictures - one last piece to share before I go silent for a bit. I'm hoping that I'll have time and energy to post a little from the convention, but who knows?

The inspiration for this one was the wire mesh - I had a small amount left from a larger piece and couldn't figure out what to do with it. I decided to poke around in my bead stash until I got an idea, and came upon these black and white speckled ceramic beads. I knotted them on and then twisted and opened the mesh between. Then I hung the small bits of chain I had lying around, attached a longer piece with two hooks and there you go!

I hope you have a great week this week, I know I'm going to!

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