Saturday, August 2, 2008

Busy Day!

Spent a good deal of time today working on a necklace with amber chips, 8mm size 10k gold hollow round beads and smaller gold filled round beads, gold filled and gold plated spacers, miscellaneous stones, and metal beads, glass beads, and pearls. The design is asymmetrical and follows no set pattern in the distance between beads/stones/pearls filled with the amber chips. Sometimes it's a couple of inches, sometimes it's just a few chips. I'm now debating whether or not I like it or want to disassemble it and start over. If I continue, I plan to make it very long with the intention of wearing it doubled.

When I put that one aside, I grabbed the blue lace agate I ordered recently and started working on a necklace lanyard from that. I'm very happy with the results. This picture doesn't do the agates justice - the color is just a bit off.

I also decided to go and submit my application for a table in the dealer's room at LosCon. I got it into the Post Office before the final pick up time in hopes that it will arrive on Monday or Tuesday, at the latest, in L.A.

Spent some time posting new stuff on Etsy, and loading photos to Flickr, too.

Joined Beadfly today and posted one of my items. Got a review almost immediately - got a 6.8 out of ten from the site's "#1 reviewer". My goal shall be to see if I can post something that gets at least an 8. I like the idea of Beadfly. A social networking site that has many web 2.0 ideas - articles, blog, comments and photo posting. You can join (and start) groups, submit articles, vote in polls, list your store and more stuff I haven't investigated yet.

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