Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's Your Favorite Color?

My favorite color is green, closely followed by periwinkle, and 'periwinkle' is my favorite color word - ever since I saw it on a Crayola crayon in my first box of 64 colors. I loved reading those color words - and noting the difference between 'yellow-orange' and 'orange-yellow' or 'blue-green' and 'green-blue'.

So, with green being my favorite color, there are several wonderful green stones to choose from, such as malachite, jade, many agates and jaspers, too. I have some 'camouflage' stone I'm looking forward to using and a lot of moss and tree agate as well. That's why my latest piece was created from a new bunch of glass beads I bought last weekend at Global Beads. They reminded me of malachite, with black and paler green striping in them. Here's the "teaser" shot

(click picture for larger image)

I used copper bead and disc spacers and copper clasps for this one, I think copper and dark green are a beautiful combination. Here's the necklace lanyard draped - it's 30" long.

I didn't do much different to the center set of beads than the rest of them, except to add larger copper beads.

My vintage-look findings and components shipment arrived today (Whoopee!!) and I'll be playing around with designs using them soon. I'm pretty excited about it.

Oh, the shell necklace lanyard - here's a fair picture (it's still unfinished, though)

It's a fun one, sort of '60s looking. I can see it really looking great with winter white knits.

Gonna go play with my new stuff now.

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