Friday, November 7, 2008

Holiday Jewelry!

I'll be setting up my winter themed Etsy photography soon, and adding some Christmas-y touches as appropriate - for example, for my red and green Christmas badge lanyard necklaces.

Here's a new one, finished tonight. The majority of the crystal beads are Czech faceted glass (some Jablonex, some from Bead Gallery) but the green bicones are Swarovski crystal I had purchased online but turned out to be the wrong shade of green for what I wanted to do. They're perfect for this necklace, though.

It's great to be beading (and blogging about it) again. I missed it even though I was just too tired in the evenings all this week and traveling last week. It'll be a while before I travel for any length of time, again, so I should be posting much more in the next weeks.

I will probably be getting some satin cord tomorrow for my cloisonné beads and seeing if I can do some Chinese knots with them for some necklaces and, perhaps, try out making a satin cord lanyard as well.

I don't like that it's getting dark so early, it limits the time I can have natural sunlight for my photography so I will need to do photographs earlier in the day - and I'm just not that well organized, nor a morning person. Regardless, I'll need to get this and my other Christmas colors lanyards up on Etsy this weekend.

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