Monday, August 22, 2011

Renovation World SF Convention Recap

I gots pictures! Not as many as I'd have liked to do, but representative...

First off, the display:

Setting up on Tuesday

all done!

As things sold or as my whims prompted the order and arrangement changed a bit from day to day.

Front of table as set up for the last day

Other side on last day

This is my fabulous "minion", Bart, wearing one of my lanyard necklaces. After he left and put the lanyard back on the display a customer came by and snatched it up for his fiancee.

Wednesday night I did a class with 15 ladies who made their own necklaces - I wish I had taken more pictures but I was so busy with the class I forgot until I only had a few people left to take pictures of their finished work:

This is 'mom' - she brought two daughters along

This is one of the daughters - she did some really clever things with her design - note the two beads surrounding the center disk - she's put some rings around the beads to create a "Saturn" effect!

This student is an experienced seed bead weaver who does lovely work in that medium but wanted to learn some techniques in stringing. Great eye for design and color!

This student had her own focal piece back in her room, so she came by the next day to my booth to show me her finished work.

I made some pieces while I was sitting at the table:

I used a copper Tim Holt piece as the foundation and then started adding stuff until I was exhausted. Well, until it looked right.

Glad I took a shot of this (there are two separate necklaces in this photo - I'm referring to the one at the top), it sold during the final 5 minutes of the convention! It also has a Tim Holt piece as the base with Accessories Susan filigree and frame.

Didn't make these at the table, but the pink and dark gray Vintage Lucite necklaces from The Beadin' Path, were new for the show. The one at the bottom has some beautiful silver touches and matching earrings.

Finally, I did manage to get one picture of one of the dozens of costumed folk wandering around the dealer's hall

Wish I had taken more pictures, but that's all I managed. I really enjoyed this opportunity. I hope there's a WorldCon close to home again in the near future!

Now I have to start organizing and packing for my move to Los Angeles - I probably won't be posting for some time as I don't think I'll have much time for beading in the next weeks.

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