Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring!

I'm experimenting with new picture taking tools. Recently bought the Modahaus tabletop photography set I read about at The Beading Gem's Journal and am using that plus a paper cone made from posterboard with a shiny side. The hole in the top is to allow really good close shots of items laying flat on the table (like the tiny charm I accidentally left there). The frosted sides soften the light and shadows. It's small enough to fit easily on my 28x24 inch table. 

I was using a lamp with a full spectrum bulb for these shots, but I hope to figure out a good way to use natural light or get fewer shadows soon.

The following pictures of some recently made/finished bracelets are with the set up mentioned above.  The first one is a new, Spring themed bracelet with a colorized metal clasp. I just used Ranger inks for this one, but I have some new Swellegant dies and patinas I'm looking forward to trying. You can read about the Swellegant products on the B'sue Boutique blog. (say that three times fast!)

The larger matte bead is from The Beadin' Path's sea glass collection and it's an alexandrite color-change glass bead. Looks a bit more lilac in some light and more blue in others. There are also vintage German glass beads with iridescent coatings in a pebbly shape.

This next piece is a bracelet that I finally finished. It was one of the ones I made in Fayetteville last July while waiting for my son to return from his deployment in Afghanistan. The glass pearls are very large and the piece really stands out on the wrist but is quite light.

I think these are some of the best closeup shots I've ever done, even if there's still improvements to be made.

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