Monday, March 19, 2012

Is It Done or Do I Re-Do It?

Ever make something that you keep fiddling with for one reason or another? With me it's this piece:

I made it in Fayetteville last year while I was waiting for my son to come home from his deployment to Afghanistan. It's faux turquoise two hole bar beads and coral colored glass. I went to A.C. Moore (I sure wish they had those here in L.A.!) and picked up a couple bags of stuff to keep me occupied while I waited and made several bracelets.

Then comes the fiddling part. First it was getting the right clasp. For some reason none of the two strand clasps I could find were working right. I either had trouble connecting them to the bracelet, or they weren't easy to clasp on my wrist, or they weren't sturdy and kept falling apart. I hadn't spent much on the materials for this bracelet and I wasn't going to put an expensive clasp on it, either.

Well, I found some great clasps at Fire Mountain Gems that were inexpensive, sturdy and easy to work with on the wrist. Plus, they look cool if the bracelet swings around and the clasp is on the top.  But that wasn't enough - I liked the simplicity of the piece, but it just felt like it was calling out for something.

So, last night I grabbed some spacers and bead caps and re-strung the bracelet.  Here's how it looks now:

click image to enlarge
I think it's finally done!

Only 11 days until I head north to Walnut Creek for FogCon. Lots of work to do to get ready, too!
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