Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another Update on Complaints, Quite Revealing

Now I don't give the BBB all that much credence because of a number of things I've heard about them. For an example, check out this 20/20 report from last April. You can Google "complaints about the Better Business Bureau" and see for yourself.

However, the BBB listing for has full address and phone number information, as well as info you should know if IntoStores has contacted you, I'm going to share the current BBB link about and keep screen shots for future reference.

I *highly* recommend you read the full details of the unresolved complaints on the site - they are very informative. Here's an excerpt from one of them:

...After signing up I realized I could not contact buyers. I emailed my sales rep asking for the buyer contact information and he emailed me approximately 50 company names without their contact info. I emailed my sales rep again asking where the buyers names and contact info were and why weren't there more?He said there was no way to contact buyers, their site was designed for the buyers to contact me only. What did they mean when they promised me "unprecedented access to head buyers, key decision makers and upper level executives?" I emailed my sales rep saying I was mis-lead and he offered me free advertising. I told him I was very unhappy and I want a refund. They said no- I have to pay for 6months of membership before I am eligible. To request a refund before makes me not eligible.
Business response: Per consumer *states via email: The company I have submitted a complaint about has contacted me and has offered a refund of $117.00 of the $230 I have invested. I would like to accept this refund so that I am able to recover some of my investment.
*note that IntoStores didn't respond - this is what the consumer who complained emailed back to the BBB.

As I said in the previous post - Seller Beware, what IntoStores offers looks too good to be true, they spam people's emails for clients, and they deliberately make it very difficult to get a hold of them when you're not satisfied with their service.
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