Friday, August 29, 2008

Lovely Robin's Egg Blue Beads

I've been playing with my new vintage look stampings and beads and bits - I'm not ready to share here yet - still in the experimental stages, working out techniques and kinks (sometimes literal kinks in the wire bending stuff that I need to keep practicing).

I did take a breather and make a necklace lanyard, though, with these lovely robin's egg blue mottled oval ceramic beads I found at Global Beads last weekend.

30" (although it's still unfinished, and the clasps add about an inch to the total end-to-end length), ceramic beads with a bit of an iridescence in the glaze. I thought the combination of large silver tone (no idea if they're plate or what) filigree beads, small oxidized silver filigree beads, and these tiny Czech druk square iridescent beads with very tiny oxidized silver bead caps is delightful.

Here's a picture of it draped - I got replacement bulbs for my photo lights, but it's still not as good as photography in natural light. I don't know why this one came out so dark and orange-y when the one above came out pretty well - perhaps because the one above is a tighter shot? The color above is very much (at least on my computer) truer to the color of the beads.

Well, the Labor Day weekend is begun - I may not post tomorrow, have family coming to town and probably won't get any beading done. Hope to see you Sunday, then!

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