Monday, May 21, 2012

A Study in Contrasts

Only a few more days until I have to stop making things and start packing them up for the trip north to BayCon. Of course before the packing I have to create descriptions and do pricing then make price tags for each new piece. It's a tedious, but necessary step.

The necklace below features more Beadin' Path and light amethyst beads with copper bead caps for accents. I really love this one - it seems kind of 'ancient' - Babylonian, Egyptian, Minoan? I'm not really good at identifying things like that. Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday I love working with colors that have a striking contrast; this necklace is a prime example.

I finished the necklace, pictured above, today, along with a set of necklaces and a matching lanyard which I'll photograph and post tomorrow, I think. With that set I was working entirely in purples.

I'm trying to get back in the habit of posting as close to daily as possible, and eventually doing some of the little feature posts I used to do.  I'm really looking forward to setting up my new studio at my new home where I'll have more room to work and photograph my work - wish we didn't have to wait until the middle of June to move!

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