Friday, May 25, 2012

Back in the SF Bay Area!

Although I moved to Pasadena last September, I've been up north since then when I went to FOGCon in March. This time I'm in Santa Clara for BayCon. As I think I mentioned, this is my 5th BayCon and I'm really glad everything worked out so I could be here.

I don't have any pictures to share today, but I wish I had one of my packed car (I could go take one, but the condition of the old Mustang is not something I'm particularly proud of). I manage to get everything in the trunk and back seat - including my trolly (Rubbermaid with a collapsible handle), except for my purse and little insulated tote to carry my Arizona Diet Green Tea. I can even see out the back window...a bit...there's a sliver - honest!

Lots of CHP on the Interstate today. They're getting ready for the big weekend, I'm sure. It's so annoying that people actually going pretty close to the speed limit slow down 5 to 10mph (so now they're way under the limit) as soon as they see the flashers ahead. Yeah, there might be an accident, but on I-5 you can see for miles ahead and none of the 4 times we passed CHP at the side of the road were they attending to accidents that I could tell. I did make it here in pretty good time and I hope that Tuesday won't be too busy heading south.

Well, I need my beauty rest - have to go set up at 8:00 am. Oh, although you're reading this on Friday, I'm writing it Thursday night and scheduling it to post. The wonders of technology!
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