Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Creative Night before Bay Con

Tomorrow I head to Santa Clara for Bay Con. That means that for the rest of today I will be packing and loading up the car. Last night was my last night of creating new pieces to take with me. I'll bring along supplies and beads so I can work at my table or in my room, but there's only so much I can take with me, so some stuff just either gets made before I leave or waits for next time.

This set I finished over the weekend and finally had a bit of time to photograph it yesterday. I love the way the small matte beads, from Global Beads in downtown Mountain View, are set off by the copper. This is two separate necklaces and a matching 30" lanyard/necklace (shown with the lanyard hardware in the back).

Posting may be infrequent during my trip - but I'll try to do some live blogging with pictures while I'm there. Hope you have a very pleasant Memorial Day weekend!
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