Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A "Timely" Piece

Insert favorite time metaphor here...

This is one of my newer pieces. I used two Russian Gold plated ornate wing stampings that come in right and left facing designs, a brass crescent for the backing, and a brass sparrow from B'sue Boutiques, as well as vintage watch gears and a vintage pocket watch dial. While the wings are lovely as is, I decided to give them a bit of a whitewash appearance using a light rubbing of white Gilder's Paste and am quite pleased with the effect. 

It's a bold piece about 5" across so I used a chain from Vintage Jewelry Supplies with larger heavy looking links and a nice texture to them. It's very similar to this chain at the same site as above.

The whole piece is one of those things that wasn't planned but came together as I was trying to sort and arrange my supplies in my studio - something that I will probably never finish doing since I'm always stopping to make something. I'm glad to finally be able to use the remodeled garage as a studio, although I do miss having my daughter living there! She's definitely happier in her new apartment - a real insulated, heated/cooled and with a fully equipped kitchen, home.

Anyway, back to the piece - I'm sure it's happened to you as you sort through this and that you put aside something and say "what will I do with this?" and then not long after you find another piece and another and finally it's a design. It's always fun when it comes together.
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