Sunday, November 27, 2016

Last Show of 2016

Last couple of weeks have been very busy! On the 18th & 19th I was showing at the CATESOL conference in San Diego. The show went very well; I was pleased with the sales and the wonderful support of the exhibition room organizers. I had a great space with two long tables to work with. Here's (most) of my display. For this event I added two boards on easels for necklaces - I can show many more  than on the usual bust displays.

Earrings and inexpensive pendant necklaces went well, a couple cuff bracelets, too. I did a few sales of my larger and more pricy statement pieces, which made me very happy I'd made them, but I will focus more on the things that sold well for next year.

There were many, many booths for all sorts of educational books and programs (CA = California TESOL = Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages). There was a "passport" game where participants needed each participating vendor's square signed by the vendor to be eligible for the drawing. I had tons of visitors come for their passport game and stay to browse with a good number making a purchase while they were there.

They also had two dedicated hours one on Friday and one on Saturday with no seminars so the participants could come to the exhibit hall. Lastly, there were a number of socializing events in the same hall that led to more visitors. I'd highly recommend doing something like this to any SF Fandom con dealers' room organizers as a great way to get more traffic to their vendors!

Of course last week was Thanksgiving week and my son came home for the weekend for the first time in years (he's either been deployed or had Thanksgiving with his in-laws). It was really wonderful to have him join us.

Now back to the workshop to make some new stuff and get pictures up on my Etsy and ArtFire sites!
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