Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beading as a Form of Meditation, and a Diet Aid

One of the things I've noticed in the past couple years I've invested in my beading is that focusing on stringing beads, making loops, watching patterns emerge, and now, knotting beads together on silk thread, is very calming and perhaps a bit meditative - although as someone who has never practiced meditation, I can't be sure.

Sure, mistakes happen, but they don't have to be the ruin of a piece or even all that annoying to undo and fix. It's as if narrowing down the world to this bead, then the next bead, is a conduit for the release of everyday stresses into tiny, slow moving, streams of creativity. Sometimes I'll put on background music - instrumental, new-age-y Hearts of Space tunes, or Celtic ballads or even Zydeco (although that's pretty peppy if I'm learning something new, it tends to make me rush a bit). Amazing how the hours roll by, almost imperceptibly.

For example, today I continue making knotted strands, this one using 4 and 6 mm tiger-eye Czech druk glass beads, chestnut brown size FFF Gudebrod silk and 9x6mm Opaque Ivory w/ Half Picasso Roundelles with gold plated pewter bead caps and Gold Elegance gold plated 3mm round beads (link shows the 4mm size). (turns out all of the beads and the tiny bead caps in this are all from Artbeads, silk from Fire Mountain gems, large bead caps from Global Beads (Gold Elegance beads are from my local Michael's).

I lost myself in the process - trying little new adaptations to make it easier to get a good knot, thinking about what I want to do next, learning that about 30" (I should have measured) of string will only give me about 14" of finished beading plus a couple inches at the end for attaching the fastener (which I haven't decided how to do yet). I haven't mentioned my 'needle' for threading the beads. I just used a left over piece of bead stringing (.30mm) wire bent in half. I could have grabbed a needle, but this works just fine and if the silk thread slips off, there's less hassle re-threading than with a needle (with my eyes I have to use a threader, plus re-threading on a needle frays the cord).

I have taken some time out today to write this, and while I was looking up some of the items I used on the Artbeads site, I stopped to write a review of the gold plated pewter bead cap (which should be up in 72 hrs according to the site).

I also went out to do some shopping and picked up a new 'daylight' 23 watt flourescent bulb (same output as a 100 watt incandescent and allegedly uses 75% less energy and will last over 10k hours, also provides a brighter, more natural looking light). I had a 60 watt incandescent bulb in my desk lamp, this new bulb is an enormous improvement.

Another necessity was replenishing my Arizona Diet Green Tea supply. It's pretty much all I drink, and I drink a lot of it, so I buy 6 or 8 gallon jugs at a time. What I haven't done yet is stop for a meal - beading as a diet aid...

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finished Hematite Necklaces and Learing Knotting

With New Year's Day coming up, I got to thinking about glitzy jewelry the other night. I had my box of hematite beads out from the necklaces I made the other day, so I used hematite, silver and the Sterling Effects bead caps that remind me of marcasite jewelry, and a matching Sterling Effects focal in this necklace.

I also have a lot of hematite tube beads in that box, so I used dark gunmetal eye pins to link a bunch of them together in a chain, hung a little flower and vine charm with some hematite 'fringe' on it to make this necklace.

I've been putting off teaching myself how to use thread and knots in jewelry and today seemed like a good day to figure it out. I found some video tutorials on YouTube that were helpful - this one is the one that helped me the most:

I use Beadalon knotting pliers instead of tweezers, gripping handles works better for me than pinching tweezers. After some practicing, I decided to make a knotted necklace to go with an etched tab shell pendant I'd I purchased from Artbeads some time ago. The green beads are chrysoprase colored Czech glass druks, the brown beads are amber shell beads. For stringing and knotting, I used chestnut brown Gudebrod silk, size FFF. All I have left is to decide how to finish it.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Constructing New Pieces from Sale Purchases

I've had a cold for the last several days, which makes me a bit fuzzy brained, so I haven't had enough concentration available to blog about the pieces I've been working on lately.

I saw some bracelets on sale at a department store in the mall in Fayetteville, made from large silver metal links connected by small rope patterned open links in gold metal. I didn't particularly like the bracelets, but the links gave me ideas for some jewelry I would like, so I bought four to disassemble and use the links.

This first necklace uses the large silver links, silver jump rings, and Brazilian "flashy" kyanite stones I bought back in the summer, on silver eye pins.

I also wanted a more delicate piece with the kyanite, so I made this one using the Bead Gallery silver circles as bead frames, like I did in some previous pieces, for a small round silver bead, silver eye pins connect all the bits and pieces. I really like the kyanite - it has depth and a lovely shimmer; I hope I can find more of it.

The next one uses the large silver links, some smaller silver ones I've had lying around for a while, and two gold jump rings to connect them.

This last one uses the gold rope pattern links and silver rope pattern links from Sterling Effects. I like the double chain look, although I kind of wish I'd had enough to do a triple.

Each of them were made to sit at approximately collarbone length. In my next post I'll show some gunmetal and hematite pieces I've been working on.

I'm hoping to feel better in the next day or so and do some major reorganizing of my workroom. I particularly want to create a workspace with a longer surface that I can set up some specific areas for the tools and equipment I need to start trying things like poly clay, metal clay and resin.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays - Christmas Eve Post

I began my long holiday break after work today, won't be back in the office until Jan 5th.

Both of my adult children are here, with their respective significant others, for Christmas. Fortunately for me, their SO's families live near by. The gifts are wrapped and under the tree, which still needs to be decorated - my daughter and I will do it today. We've a very, um, eclectic selection of ornaments including strange sequined animals, Star Trek, delicate hand painted glass, and billiards themed. It will be a special say the least.

I have a couple things I want to accomplish over the break, one is to figure out my California Sales Tax return (due at the end of January) and get it filed and paid. I didn't make that many sales this year, unfortunately, but I want to establish the part time business as legitimate since I do deduct expenses on my federal tax return. I am hopeful that I'll have the opportunity to do 3 or 4 conventions next year - I've gotten an email from the dealer's room coordinator for the World Fantasy Convention that will be local that I'm on the mailing list. I know to keep an eye open for LosCon much earlier this year and I'll check out BayCon again, which was a lot of fun last May. The other con I had hoped to sell at is Potlatch coming up in February, and I haven't gotten any response from the dealer's room coordinator yet, so I'm worried I might not get a space, again...oh well, keeping my fingers crossed!

The other thing is to try and get my workspace sorted out - the room I use for beading is also my home office and prior to getting into beading served as a "library" of sorts for my books (I am a voracious reader and my collection is probably over a thousand books as I can't seem to part with any of them - although a lot are in the garage and in storage). There are also bins of office supplies and other stuff that came home with me when I was moved out of a closed office into a cubicle and then just miscellaneous stuff that I can't find a place for elsewhere in the house and don't want to put in the garage. I'd really like to move out all the books, set up a fairly long and deep table surface for a beading workspace, get some shelving for all the supplies and maybe a pegboard for tools. If I can get a start on it next week, I can do the rest in phases over the weekends. Of course, it's been rainy and if the weather stays that way, it will mean moving stuff outside, prior to deciding if it goes to the garage or elsewhere, will be a problem.

So, before I finish this post, which might be the last one for a few days, here's my most recent finished project.

I started this in Fayetteville last week, it's a bit labor intensive so I didn't finish it there. I thought it was a fun use of the two different sized circle spacers from Bead Gallery.

I used red and green roundel beads inside the larger circle spacer bead, like a bead frame, and smaller glass beads with silver linings in the small circle spacers along with a solid silver metal disk between them, all on silver plated eye pins joined with Beadalon EZLinks. A larger EZLink attaches the final loop to the eyeglass holders. Finished length is 30"

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trying New Techniques With Copper Wire

I'm doing more practicing with various wire designs. I saw a picture of a necklace made using what the designer called "spring links" and thought I'd give it a try. I assembled my bracelet by first making a long coil of copper wire on a Beadalon jump ring maker. Then I cut jump rings to make the double link chain portion and sections of coil for the springs between them. To make the spring link you bend up half of the final loops on the coils. It's harder than it looked, I had to toss several attempts, although I cut more jump rings from the portions that were still intact enough. I decided to stop at bracelet length, added imperial jasper ovals on embellished copper headpins and made a simple hook and eye clasp from copper wire to finish it off.

The next thing I decided to try was a simple design link of wire between bead sets with wrapped wire loops. I used round nose pliers to create the four-leaf link. It took some experimenting but I finally figured out how to make them to my satisfaction. I have a small Wig Jig, but the pegs are pretty tiny and I was looking for a larger loop as I deliberately choose a larger size for the wrapped loops since the square bead is substantial and I thought the larger loop looked better. Normally the loops I make are pretty small, so I had to keep reminding myself to start the loop lower on the nose of the pliers than usual.

The square glass beads were among my Fayetteville purchases, the other beads are small and medium black glass Druk beads and a copper disk bead with a simple black pattern I bought at Global Beads. I'm going to make it about twice as long as shown. I'll probably finish it with a final four-leaf link and a copper hook like the one I made for the bracelet.

Absent getting all the materials to solder the links on both pieces, I'm going to have to figure out how to secure the open links and jumprings somehow, because the copper wire stretches and I don't think the loops won't hold up all that well.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Three New Necklaces Today

It's great to be home! I relaxed today with my beading, making three new pieces today. First I decided to get out some of the new gunmetal colored components I found at the ACMoore store in Fayetteville and my hematite beads. I used some 'black diamond' colored Druk beads to make it less monochrome. I'm not sure I'm finished - my daughter is visiting and she suggested adding more chain to the center, so I may play around with this one some more.

Then I felt like making another Christmas themed necklace and made this eyeglass leash. I used red and green cathedral glass beads, red and green faceted rondells and antique gold filigree beads.

Then I decided I wanted to finally make something with the handcrafted art-glass bead I bought at the Art and Wine festival back in September from Susie Harper. This features the silver ring spacers and light sapphire blue round glass beads I bought in Fayetteville along with some light sapphire blue Druk beads from Artbeads. In order to keep the larger circle spacers open, I used two headpins on each one to create the loops. I 'threaded' the Druk beads into the smaller circle spacers with eyepins. I'm very happy with how this one turned out. I think the circle theme perfectly compliments the design of the glass bead pendant.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

My Last Night in North Carolina

Well, tonight I'll have to pack up all my stuff, including the beads. My flight tomorrow isn't early, but the airport is 90 minutes away and I'll have to turn in a rental I need to leave here mid-morning.

I have been working on a new necklace that I'm pretty happy with, and the design makes it possible to wear in interesting ways. Here's a shot of it lying flat - the pattern has a long repeat between the larger rope textured links. (you can click the picture to see a larger version)

Here it is on:

And here it is doubled at the longer link. What I'm thinking of doing when I get home is creating a clasp that can hook those two links so I can wear it as a doubled necklace at about collarbone length.

I used those cool Beadalon QuickLinks again, and some loose links with a rope pattern, spacer beads and "Beyond Beautiful" 8mm rounded faceted cubes and 4mm faceted bicones in clear iridescent finished crystal. The fancy bead caps on some of the faceted cubes resemble marcasite jewelry but don't have any marcasite stones set in them. These are from the Nicole Crafts Sterling Effects line.

I can't wait to get home!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hello from North Carolina

Hi again - I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while, and also that I didn't mention what was going on (and I wasn't supposed to, anyway), so I thought it was time to clue everyone in. My son has been on deployment with the Army in Iraq since October of '07 and he's finally home!

I've been in North Carolina, where he's based, first waiting for him to get back, and now hanging out with him until my flight home this weekend. I didn't know until the day before he arrived exactly when he'd be home, so I came early and planned a 10 day stay. I'm glad he got back at the start of the trip so we'd have more time together!

His girlfriend is also here, so I've got a bit of free time when they're out and about. I didn't bring any beading supplies with me (I had to bring a large suitcase full of my son's stuff from home and there just wasn't room for 10 days worth of clothes and beading stuff in my personal suitcase), so last weekend, I visited two local stores, Michael's and A. C. Moore for supplies.

I wish there were A. C. Moore's in California - their supply of Beadalon components was fabulous, plus a number of brands of beads I don't see back home, either, to say nothing of the wide selection. I admit, I went a bit crazy, but mostly I stocked up on things I'd never seen before and wasn't sure I'd find again - like a bunch of 'Quick Link' pieces, Scrimps for memory wire and tons of new eye- and decorated head- pins.

Here's a necklace I've been working on in the evenings and finished last night. The circle links are from the Beadalon Quick Link collection, the pinched silver beads and the small rings framing them are from the Bead Gallery collection, and the blue faceted glass discs are from the Blue Moon Color Collection. The necklace is 24" long and finished with a Beadalon EZ-Lobster clasp.

I'll be here thru Saturday, so I'll probably make another necklace or two, and post about it before I head home.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lovely Lapis Lazuli

Tonight I worked on a necklace using 21 gauge dead soft gold filled wire (the label says 12/20 so I'm not sure what that means in terms of the karat), 3mm and 6mm 14k gold filled beads, 4mm and 6mm lapis lazuli beads (really nice, rich blue but not many pyrite flecks, unfortunately), and some vermeil beads that look like they're made from tiny gold coils. I think next time I'm going to get the half hard wire, though, I'm a bit worried about the fragility of the loops.

I've been working very carefully in cutting of the wire to make the looped links, eliminating as much wastage as possible. So far I've have been very successful. I have a small (5 ft) coil of the wire and I put the beads on the wire coil, bend the first loop length and make the loop, move the beads up to the loop and bend and measure for the second loop, then I cut it from the coil. I'm very happy with that technique. I'll have to figure out how to do that with my sterling wire which is on a much larger coil. One thing I really want now is a "cup burr" tool to round off and dull the sharp end rather than having to snip it. So I added it to my Amazon wish list and maybe the hubby will see it and get it for me.

I haven't quite figured out how I might sell it at the price point necessary for any kind of reasonable profit for my effort and the cost of materials (for example, those vermeil beads cost $1.25 each and I'm going to end up using at least 8 or 10 of them plus about $10 in gold filled beads - haven't figured out the per bead cost of the lapis or the per inch cost of the wire), so it might end up in my jewelry box.

No picture tonight - I've finished 13" - will post a pic when I finish it.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Beading Component Review - Sterling Silver Beadframe with Swarovski Crystals

I always get excited when a new package from a beading supplier arrives, but I was especially excited about today's parcel from

First, because I'd signed up for a beta testing phase of a new buying program and the price, order response time and shipping time was excellent. But second, a month ago I received an email from Artbeads' VP of Search Marketing and Customer Service asking if I'd be interested in doing reviews of their products on my blog.

I have already listed them in my blogroll, and I've mentioned them when I blogged about various items I'd made using their products, etc., so it isn't much of a stretch to add some review content as well. I said I was interested and would like to know more.

The next email provided additional details, like "How you decide to blog about these products is completely up to you. Feature an item in your next jewelry design, use as a component or simply write a review. We don’t want to place any limits on your creativity and always expect you to voice your honest opinion - good or bad."

This was very important to me, as they were also going to provide the review product to me for free. While I love free stuff as much as the next person, I also didn't want to be under any pressure to have to be positive if I didn't like the item and I wouldn't be comfortable turning my blog into a paid promotional site, either.

The only other thing they asked me to do, which, again was not problem, was to include a link to the product and another link to either the home page or another category page. So I gladly accepted the opportunity. Just a few days ago I received my list of products and one of them really caught my eye, as well as inspired a design idea for an eyeglass lanyard. This is the product:

It's a Sterling Silver Spring Spiral Bead Frame with Swarovski Crystals (there are also lovely and Victorian Trellis bead frames - it was hard to choose). The catalog copy says"These sterling silver bead frames have a beautifully ornate floral or Victorian trellis patterns with granulations and spirals. Two Swarovski crystals add color and texture to this antique style. Bead frames make great pendants, earrings and links in bracelets." They also would make great end-piece focals for an eyeglass lanyard, I thought.

I ordered most of the rest of the supplies for my design from Artbeads: garnet colored Swarovski Crystal 8mm bicone beads to make the beaded chain and put in the bead frame (26 are needed - I got some extras), some sterling silver floral links (4 needed - again, I got extras and am planning a bracelet) to embellish the beaded chain, and sterling silver 20 gauge 1" eye pins (24) for the beaded links. I also had a supply of sterling silver rondels (48) that I'd purchased from Artbeads a while back, that I thought would enhance the overall design. I needed two longer sterling eye pins to finish the bead frames, but I had some longer ones already, so I didn't order more.

So, even though I got a discount price (from the beta program) on all my items, and the bead frames were free, this is not an inexpensive project. (I feel should also mention that I used 20 sterling oval open jump rings as links that I got from another supplier, for whom I'll give an "honorable mention" to in another post as this one is specifically about the Artbeads products).

Ok, enough about the materials. What about the featured product, the Sterling Silver Spring Spiral Bead Frame with Swarovski Crystals?

The bead frame is nicely detailed - with tiny veining in the leaves and just the right amount of embelishment. I did find two very small pits on one side of one of the frames - one pit is very slight and really only noticeable with a magnifier, but the other is a bit deeper, although still very small, and has some antiquing in it making it a dark spot that's just noticeable with the naked eye, especially as it's close on the frame to the bead. It doesn't really, for me at least, detract from the product overall - I was looking for something with an antique or vintage appearance anyway.

There are also two round, garnet colored Swarovski crystals set into the piece on each side of the frame. The crystals are free of scratches and set fairly level and flush to the bezels. Each bead frame costs $16.49 for 1 - 2 frames, $14.99 for 3 - 5 and $13.49 for 6 or more at today's online price. The product is made in Thailand.

So, that's the featured bit of my design, here's how I constructed my vintage style eyeglass lanyard with sterling silver bead frames and handcrafted sterling and Swarovski crystal links.

To construct my eyeglass lanyard I used a 3" eyepin through a 4mm sterling bead, the beadframe, an 8mm bicone and another 4mm sterling bead and created a second loop. I had to snip a bit off of the eyepin as 3" was a bit long - a 2" pin would have worked fine with less waste, but I don't have any around at present. Then I created beaded links using a 1" eyepin, 3mm sterling rondel, 8mm bicone, and a final sterling rondel before closing a link at the end. I had to snip about a quarter inch or less from the end of the 1" eyepin to get the proper sized loop. Four of these are joined using the oval sterling jumprings. The last one is connected to the floral link without a jump ring.

A note about the floral link, it is only finished on one side, so the eyeglass lanyard will definitely have a 'right side up' to it. The finished side has some nice antiqued detail, the unfinished side is slightly textured and antiqued. The links in my package came with a slight curve to them - great for use in bracelets, and fortunately easily flattened for the lanyard. It was made in Israel and 1 - 4 of them cost $3.89 each, 5 - 9 are $3.59 each, 10+ are $3.29 each. The pattern (which I really like) detail is fairly sharp and precise and I felt it would compliment the bead frame design while fulfilling it's role as a way to add embellishment to what would be a fairly simple looking chain of beads. Since I'm going for a nostalgic/vintage look, it seemed appropriate.

Now this design has a bead frame at each end, to which I have attached clear rubber, adjustable eyeglass holder components. Another design approach could be to link the two bead frames to a larger garnet colored focal piece, sterling silver pendant, or even something made from layered silver filigree stampings and affixed garnet glass gems, put a clasp nor toggle at the other center-point for a necklace.

I usually make my lanyards "convertable" although I decided not to do that with this particuar design, I am definitely thinking about getting 3 (or maybe more) of the smaller sized bead frames and creating a strung design that I can wear as a convertable badge, eyeglass or necklace piece - and if I use garnets or garnet crystals I'll have a matching set.

There's just one more thing I think this design needs, and that's to solder the sterling jump ring links closed. They really give the design the right look, but I'm afraid one good accidental tug will separate one or more jump rings from their beaded links. Then, if the crystals fall and hit a hard surface they'll chip or break.

I've never tried soldering, but I've read up specifically on soldering sterling silver jump rings. While I do have some concerns about the process, and would definitely need to buy some additional equipment and supplies, I think I could do it.

Well, this post has turned out a lot longer than most, but I've enjoyed it. If you thought it provided useful information or gave you any ideas about something you'd like to make, please leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Basic Black Beads

In another one of those occurrences when I'm just poking around looking at various beads, I got the idea to use coin shaped 10mm black opaque Czech glass beads and some pinched oval black opaque Czech beads in a necklace - I'd gotten these beads from Michael's in Chicago when I was there back in the fall.

I used non-tarnish silver 22 gauge Artistic wire, silver plated pewter spacer beads and bead caps and some bright silver 10mm jump rings. For a focal point I used a silver and black rope circle and hung a black coin bead on a head pin to it with one of the 10mm jump rings. It's about 20".

Then I decided to keep working with the black and silver and made these three lanyards two are 30" the other is about 32" long.

That was last night. Today I worked on another necklace, 18" long, making tiny beaded links with 22 gauge non-tarnish silver Artistic Wire, square black glass Druk beads with antiqued silver bead caps. The pendant is a tablet cut black glass bead with dark green edges and tiny dangles made from sterling bead end head pins, sterling beads and sterling jump ring links. I put the dime beside it to show how small the links were.

I purchased the tablet cut bead at this fall's Art and Wine festival from Harland beads, the other materials (for this and the other necklace above, too) from Artbeads and Accessories Susan (tiny bead caps). The clasp is a Sterling Elegance deco style hook and eye from Michael's.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Practice Loop Metal Necklace and Earring

I recently took part in a group bulk buy opportunity and got a good deal on sterling wire. Before I dare snip and bend using the good stuff, I decided to practice.

I practiced with some silver colored wire from Michael's - have no idea what it's made of - it's a bit gray, like steel. It's a bit less stiff than sterling wire, but I don't have any worry about wastage and it's a good practice wire for making looped links.

Using small silver plated brass beads from an assorted bulk mix, jump rings I made by coiling and snipping the same wire, black glass beads and silver plated copper beads, also from an assorted bulk mix, I made this 16" necklace and one matching earring. I need to go get more of the embellished headpins to make the second earring.

I can't quite decide if it's got a 'style' I can lable it with - punk, goth? Kind of vintage-y and a bit industrial looking...well, whatever it is, I actually like it.

I'm 90% ready to post my "special new project" post - but I'm still waiting for delivery of one final piece. Since it didn't show up in today's mail, I hope it'll arrive Monday.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Working On Something New

I'm working hard tonight on a special new project which is not only a jewelry project, but a blogging project, too. I'm really looking forward to sharing about it, but until I'm done, I can't say any more about it.

So, I guess this is just a 'teaser' post to ask you to keep checking back - I promise I will share everything soon!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Frustration, Your Name is Jewelry Cable!

Worked tonight for quite some time trying to get the crimp tubes (one has a hook attached to it, the other the eye) on the jewelry cable. There's something to working with jewelry cable that I'm not doing right. I'm thinking I need a blowtorch...

Just kidding (although I do wonder). The cable should fit the tubes - and I've gotten them to fit on one end just fine, but for some reason when I try to put the final one on, it just doesn't go well at all. Then there's the problem that cable is nearly impossible to cut, even with brand new heavy duty memory wire cutters. There's usually one fine little thread of cable left to trim, sometimes a few. Then after putting on just a couple beads the cable starts to unravel and those little steel threads are very sharp. I've literally put blood and sweat into working with the danged cable. All I wanted to do was put some heavier glass beads on one for a really seemed like a good idea at first.

Well, trial and error is what teaches me, so I'll keep trying until I run out of cable. No pictures tonight since I didn't complete anything.

I have the week of Dec 29th off from work and I'm thinking about a total 'makeover' of my office space. I have a picture of how I want it set up, I just hope I can find all the stuff I need to do it. One of the reasons is I need a better working surface - especially if I'm going to experiment with making polyclay beads and maybe even try my hand at metal clay. Stringing and even making wire loops isn't hard to do with a small surface area, even just a lap tray, but the clay work won't happen without a work table, which I currently don't have.

I'm hopeful I'll be able to enlist my son to help with some of the heavy lifting (book shelves and a large hutch will have to be moved). He's coming home from his tour in Iraq (he's in the Army) soon, and if all goes well, he'll be home for Christmas through New Year's Day. Of course, I'm looking forward to having him home for more than the moving - that's just an added bonus.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

More Christmas Themed Necklace Lanyards

Every year I get out my Christmas sweaters to wear to work. I have quite a few of them now, probably a dozen, maybe a few more. Some of the holiday themes, like snowmen on a beige cardigan, bright beaded poinsettias on black, or reindeer posing as a Christmas tree on a light brown knit, but most are predominantly red and green knits with embellishments embroidered on them. I had a few Christmas themed lanyards to wear with them, and now I have many more - two completed this evening. This first one uses 6mm bicones, silver plated pewter mini-bead caps, silver beads and Czech druk beads and it's light weight so it's good for eyeglasses, too.

The next one is Jablonex Czech fluted glass beads in green, silver glass seed beads and red Czech druks. It will also make a great eyeglass lanyard/leash.

Last night I posted the start of this one, here it is completed - larger faceted oval Czech glass beads in a bright red with small green druk beads between them - it will be a dramatic necklace lanyard, but it's too big and heavy for eyeglasses.

I'm not all that crazy about making seasonally themed lanyards, but at Christmas, since I want to wear them with my sweaters, I get enthusiastic. I'll probably make a few more. I hope to get these photographed and up on Etsy soon, too - just in case someone needs a Christmas necklace or lanyard.

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