Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Movers Are Coming on Monday

...and I'm not quite ready for them yet, but hope that by tomorrow night I will be! Every bead and tool is packed up, so I won't be making anything new until I'm unpacked at the new place. That said, I have two new lanyards to share, the last things I made with the last batch of beads that were left out of the packing until this morning.

I really love the diagonally drilled cube beads with the saucer spacers and hope to find them in a lot more colors.

Til next time!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Haven't Dropped Off the Planet, But...

I'm moving! My husband has gotten a job in another city, down in the L.A. area. I've just returned from finding us a very nice townhouse and we move in (sans furniture, for now) this weekend. Stayed with my dad while I was looking. The drive from here to there (plus the driving around in L.A.) and back put nearly 900 miles on the odometer.

I've almost finished packing up the bead workroom/office, and my husband has gotten through a lot of the the other stuff, but there's still tons to do. Once we're settled I'll be getting back to making new stuff and posting about it. Until then, I'll probably be a very infrequent poster.

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